Welcome To NoDumbelles

Welcome at long last to the online residence of NoDumBelles. This website has been quite a long time in the making for various reasons but the main one being I am a bit of a technical dinosaur and sooooo not down with the kids when it comes to having a massive online presence. Luckily this hasn’t hindered me too much.

I would like to welcome old friends and new. For those that know me just hang in there while I bring those that don’t up to speed with what to expect from NoDumBelles.  Actually I think it may be easier telling you what not to expect;

  • Excessive inspirational memes (a whole blog post on that subject coming soon)
  • Pink Fluff.
  • Articles laden is science and data. ( I am not that clever)
  • Bombardment of emails pretending not to sell you stuff.
  • Beating about the bush.
  • Tact
  • Bullshit
  • Un-opinionated blogs.

I think that about covers it.

I will be using this part of the site to put updates regarding my training. I will share in video form information on exercises that I use for myself and with clients. There will be interviews with people I admire and have the pleasure of coming into contact with from various walks of life.  This is the place where you get to love me or loathe me. This is where I get to rant about anything I want to. I am not here to sell you shit or make friends. My blog, my rules and my ego :0)

This Is Who I Am!

This Is What I Do!

Be Roarsome!