Tania GeorgeWho is Tania George?

Tania hasn’t been a life-long athlete but rather stumbled onto a path that has taken her from the idea of ‘sport’ being a game of pool along with a pint of Guinness to being one of the most influential and pro-active powerlifters in the UK today. Tania Co owns the Olympic Gym along with husband Paul George and it is from this location that she has become an ambassador of strength training for women under the Nodumbelles banner.

Leading by example Tania holds nearly 50 British Records, as well as numerous European & World Records across 3 federations in both raw and equipped powerlifting in 2 different weight classes. In June 2015 she became the first UK woman to hit a raw (wraps) total of 500kg at the GPC European Championships. This total also secured her ranking 15th in the All Time World rankings in the 82.5kg class. Tania lifts Open & Master 2.

Current PBs
Squat – 180kg
Bench – 115.5kg
Deadlift – 206kg
Total – 500kg

Tania strives to create inroads to powerlifting and strength training for women which includes courses, seminars, workshops and competitions to attract more women lifters to the great sport of powerlifting. Her passion lies in grassroots level coaching and her unique no bullshit coaching style is as encouraging as it is sometimes scary. Mediocrity is not an option. Tania believes that becoming physically strong can change the path of your life as you learn to feel the fear and do it anyway.

Meet The Coaching Team

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Paul George
Pro Bodybuilder & Powerlifter

One of the UK's most prolific light & middleweight bodybuiders & now a World class power lifter, Paul expects a high standard from every single client. Paul limits his services to a very select few clients. Please only ask about training with Paul if you are ready take on an advanced program with high level of commitment of time and effort.

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Tania George
Big & Strong

Founder of Nodumbelles Tania is in the business of big and strong. One of the industry's most vocal and high profile ambassadors of strength training for women Tania expects you to push you limits and use her expertise to surpass your goals. If you don't want to be the best YOU can be then Tania is not for you.