Below you will see what people like you have say about our training…

“Tania is genuinely passionate about her work, and this is evident when she coaches you. I am new to the world of exercise, never mind lifting, but she has used her wealth of knowledge and experience to break down each lift to teach me a solid foundation of techniques and personalised my training program to correct my weaknesses. With hard work and Tania’s support I have made staggering progress that has given me a new found confidence and belief not only in my lifting, but also in my day to day life. I have added kilos to my lifts AND lost kilos off my body!” – Nicola Polley


“I became interested in lifting weights properly from various websites, including Girls Gone Strong. However I knew nothing of “powerlifting” at all! Somewhere on facebook I stumbled across a post by Tania asking if people would be interested in a women’s push-pull meet aimed at novices in particular. I was quite excited about this, but also very nervous. I was working and training alone, at home. I was self-taught, and had no idea if I was lifting enough, properly, or what to do.

Add on to that the fact that I am deaf, hate meeting new people in case I don’t understand them and it’s a wonder I got as far as enquiring! However as soon as I did I felt so much better. Tania was really warm, encouraging, and helpful. She gave me the confidence to go for it, spent time working out ways that I could hear the commands, and even gave me a form check to make sure my deadlift was legal.

When we arrived at the event I was terrified!!! There was no need though – from the big hug from Tania when I arrived, a buddy to make sure I knew when I was due on, help with warm ups, and the fantastic atmosphere – I truly felt cared for, cheered on and supported.

Yes I was a baby lifter, yes some of the weights were so light on their bar it looked like there was nothing on it, but I was never made to feel inadequate or a fraud which is what I was most worried about!

The medal and t-shirt from the event are my most prized possessions. Unfortunately after the event an operation and some injuries have prevented me from doing much lifting, so I am back to starting from scratch but I know that if I can, I will be back at the Nodumbelles meet in October to have a ball” 🙂 – Ronie Walters


“Last year I did the first ever Nodumbelles Push Pull comp. I did it because I wanted some competition experience, to see if I actually liked lifting in a competition setting rather than just in the gym, and it was less scary than a ‘normal’ powerlifting comp. This was because for many it was their first time, it was all ladies and the atmosphere was incredibly supportive, with the judges explaining where you were going wrong on lifts to help you improve and everyone being lovely and getting behind you on your lifts.

Tania went through the signals of the lifts to make sure we all knew what we were doing before the comp started. Having now done several powerlifting competitions, I think is the perfect first competition, especially if you are a little unsure about competing or less confident in your abilities. It was an incredible experience and one that I personally hope to be able to attend every year. I’m already encouraging all my lifting friends to take part, and I will be heading down from Glasgow to be there this year.” – Laura Moran

“Having found out that perusing weight lifting was so addictive, I was hearing more and more about Nodumbelles at Olympic Gym and seeing pictures of groups of ladies lifting together. I decided to give it a go and book onto a group session.

Very quickly I picked up tips and techniques from Tania which instantly made everything seem easier and made all previous training fall into place and so soon, I began to feel more comfortable, safe and saw big improvements in my pb’s. There were options for one-to-one or group sessions which I liked using both. In October I entered the very first Nodumbelles push/pull along with a great crowd of women lifters.

The ongoing support and friendliness is amazing and I don’t know anywhere else like this and whilst currently on maternity, I miss being there and part of the ‘family’ of Nodumbelles, cannot wait to get back and enjoy more.” – Claire Murray

“I first came to see Tania over 2 years ago. I was in a bad place mentally. I was suffering with bi polar, and was drinking, eating and smoking far too much!

A friend, who was training with Tania, recommended I ditch the medication down the toilet and get myself into the gym pronto! After two months I built up the courage to go! I remember crying walking up the gym steps, I was so nervous, as my confidence was at an all-time low, and was aware this was as far out of my comfort zone as I could go!! After nervously approaching the desk, I was greeted by Tania, with a massive smile, and a shit load of muscles! After a chat, we agreed I would start with the women’s powerlifting, Strong Is The New Skinny, classes twice a week, once to learn bench press and once for deadlift, we also covered squat technique too on alternate weeks.

After the first couple of weeks, I was leaving the gym with the biggest smile I’d had on my face in years! I never thought it possible that I’d be lifting a weight in my life! The classes were filled with ladies of all ages, body shapes and sizes and ability!! Everyone supported everyone! Within 2 months I was medication free! I changed the way I ate and what I ate! Over the two years my confidence has grown, I’ve lost two stone, entered two push pull comps, I’m in the job of my dreams and I’ve never felt happier!

It doesn’t matter what you weigh or how big or small you are!! You will always be made welcome and supported! Making the leap into strength training with Tania and the gang changed my life in many ways! It could help you change yours too.” – Andrea Smith


“I have been fortunate enough to meet Tania and be guided by her to fulfil my personal goals.

We met two years ago and since then my training regime has gone from strength to strength, also I have gained more self-confidence, not only personally but when it comes to training in the gym. Tania has helped me be the best version of myself.

Through her knowledge of training and nutrition I have changed my life around. Not only has my shape changed to what I am happy with, but also my mind set towards life in general.

I am now a keen bikini competitor and I never would have got here if it wasn’t for Tanias support and knowledge. There’s no gimmicks or sweet talking involved, it’s real training and honesty that Tania provides, what you need to truly achieve.”Martine Thompson

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“The coaching I’ve been privileged to receive at Nodumbelles has been incredible. Learning how to lift in a small group of people has meant that we all get the coaching we need, whilst forming lasting friendships at the same time. Tania’s honesty, powerlifting experience and teaching style has been inspirational, inclusive and encouraging. No matter what your level of ability, her primary concern is teaching you how to lift properly, safely and skilfully.

Check your ego at the door and get ready to learn from the best. You won’t regret it.” – Rosalind Bell

“In 2011 I decided to get myself fit and change my lifestyle. Tania was the first person I spoke to in the gym and she made me feel welcome and put me at ease. It had been a while since I had stepped foot in a gym, so I stuck to what I know treadmill rower etc…

Tania then told me about a class she was starting called Strong is The New Skinny, it was an introduction to powerlifting using the three lifts of deadlift, squat and bench. If I’m honest the class scared me I had never heard of this before and using weights I thought oh great I’m going to look like man after this! How wrong I was. The class was for women only which was really good as I didn’t feel intimidated by big strong blokes. I was nervous as I had no idea what I was about to learn, but after the first class I was hooked each week. I worked muscles groups I didn’t even know I had. I found a liking for deadlift and squats as I couldn’t believe how my shape was changing doing these and I started to incorporate this into my workout. Benching I have to say I am not a fan of, probably because I have no upper body strength (something I need to work on). Every woman who came to the class wanted to learn how to use weights correctly and effectively as well and learning that women can be strong!! The class successfully ran 6 week courses and each course was full. I 100% enjoyed these classes and I can truly say that it changed how I work out in the gym forever. I’m now not afraid to load a bar in the squat rack and get on with it.” – Michelle Healey