Our personal training is just that. You will get a routine that is created specifically to meet YOUR needs and targeted towards the results you’re looking for.  Whether you are feeling overwhelmed with all the fitness information around and don’t know where to start on your journey to regain your fitness, or you’re busy and need someone else to do the thinking and keep you motivated you should sign up now to get the best in personal training.

“As a trainer, it is not only my job to help you achieve your goals but also to ensure that I am the best trainer suited for your needs. I do not just take on every client that comes my way, instead, there is an application process that ensures that both parties know what to expect. A client-trainer relationship is possibly one of the closest professional relationships that there is. I take my role very seriously as it facilitates big changes and with that comes responsibility, I expect my clients to take their role, commitment to change and personal responsibility equally seriously.  I am in the business of BIG AND STRONG!”  – Tania George

If you are interested in personal training with NoDumBelles please use the contact page. You will be sent a client/coach agreement and a pre-training consultation which will start the procedure to determine if Tania is the right coach for you or whether another member of our team would be more suitable to your needs.

Contact us for more info or if you’re finding it hard to make a choice see what our clients have already said – you really won’t be in better hands

Contact us to book your pre-training consultation here