Focus on Your Own Sh*t – PBs

This week 2 very of my lifters both hit PBs for very different reasons and with very different time scales. Neither was more or less momentous than the other and both made me incredibly proud and super happy.

The Hipster
The Hipster started training with me after the GPCGB British Championships in November 2015 as my training partner. He entrusted all his programming to me and pretty much just does exactly what I give to him. This week after just 12 weeks he hit 3 doubles at his previous comp PB of 180kg.

The Hipster has become my partner in crime and turns up for every session, gives everything he has. I know he thinks it is a one sided relationship but for me having a regular training buddy is such a bonus. He just ‘gets it’…whatever ‘it’ is lol.  When you have someone like that to train with the sum becomes is so much more than it’s component parts. 1 + 1 = 5!

Lucian B
Lucian B stepped in our gym 12 months ago a very unfit tattooist who sat hunched over all day. As an ex skateboarder he had broken his ankle and countless other bones and could barely touch his toes. He told me he wanted to learn to squat, bench & deadlift.

I am a true believer in softly softly catchy monkey and the people that impress me the most are not the genetically gifted who find tasks easy but those who really have to work at something and make slow progress. This week was the first time LB actually got under a squat bar to back squat. In the last year he has worked really hard and relentlessly to get to this point. With some smart programming that was IMPLEMENTED he hit a massive goal and I couldn’t be more chuffed. Now as part of his programming we can include squats. YAYYYYYY!

Focus on your own shit people and not what anyone else is doing. YOUR PROGRESS is what is important to YOU and we are all at different places and moving at different paces. Keep pushing forward regardless of how slow the progress is and only move one when you have successfully completed the tasks in hand. Lifting is like a book that you cannot just flick through or skip pages. Turn each page and take in every word. Some times you may be able to speed read and other times you may have to keep rereading the page or even the chapter.