Gym Etiquette

  • You MUST bring a hand towel to every session and place in on equipment you sit or lie on. NO TOWEL NO ENTRY
  • Wear suitable clean training attire. NO JEANS OR FLIP FLOPS
  • ALWAYS put your weights away in the correct place.
  • Be Polite
  • No hogging equipment. You must work in with other members.
  • No needless dropping of weights.
  • Ask for a spot if you need one AND spot if you are asked to.
  • You may use chalk
  • You may make lots of noise if you are moving big ass weights.
  • Use suitable bars for heavy loads and general usage.
  • Report any damages & breakages so that we can attend to them immediately.
  • We don’t have lockers because we don’t have thieves!!!!

As you can see you have quite a few rules hence you being able to trial the gym on a paid session basis. If you don’t like the rules then you don’t stay. We know all our gym members by name. We take an interest in their goals. We help them where we can and free advice is given on a daily basis and on the flip side should you fail to adhere to the above you will get a bollocking.